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Zombie Law: Right To Work Is Wrong Never Dies!

Zombie Law: Right To Work Is Wrong Never Dies!

We may as well refer to Right To Work Is Wrong as the zombie law, because no matter how many times we kill it, it keeps coming back to destroy the middle class.

Extreme Republican lawmakers in Columbus continue to spend their time attacking the workers who help pay their salary, health benefits and pensions, despite what Ohioans are asking the Ohio legislature to focus their efforts on achieving: Good jobs, higher wages and help with the addiction epidemic.

Zombie RTWTwo Right To Work is Wrong bills have been introduced within weeks of each other, one focusing on public employees and one on private sector employees. The same 12 legislators have co-sponsored both pieces of legislation, even though there’s zero evidence union workers in their districts are asking for this law.

Representatives David Goodman, Andy Thompson, Kristina Roegner, Nino Vitale, Ron Hood, John Becker (Introduced Public  Employee Right To Work is Wrong), Tim Schaffer, Derek Merrin, Paul Zeltwanger, Bill Dean, Craig Riedel, Candice Keller and Tom Brinkman (Introduced Private Sector Right To Work Is Wrong) are the gang of 12 who take their marching orders from the Koch Brothers and Americans For Prosperity, not those they were elected to serve.

We must start conversations at the workplace about the devastating effects of Right To Work Is Wrong Laws on all workers. You can download a worksite flyer here and start distributing a petition at the workplace encouraging your members to sign the pledge opposing Right To Work Is Wrong laws.

You should also call the Representatives listed above and ask them why they are wasting their time, which is our tax-payer dollars, on laws like Right To Work is Wrong when a much larger majority of Ohioans are struggling to find a good job, dealing with heroin and opiate addictions of someone they love, and trying to make ends meet with low-wage employment.

Due to the extreme gerrymandering of Ohio districts, too many politicians like these 12 feel so safe in their election that they have decided the needs of those they represent should be secondary to those who wine and dine them and make big donations to their campaigns. Make a call to them today and tell them their duty is to serve the citizens of their district, not big donors, and the safety of a gerrymandered district should not excuse them of being a public servant to Ohioans rather than corporations.

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