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Veterans To Trump: We’re Not For Sale & Not Your Political Props

Veterans To Trump: We’re Not For Sale & Not Your Political Props

By Doug Cunningham

New York veterans with the #VetsVsHate movement and VoteVets went to Trump Tower in New York City Tuesday to protest Donald Trump’s claims of fundraising for veterans groups.

The vets says Trump has been evasive and dishonest about the money he says he’s raising for veterans. These New York vets say Trump is just using veterans as political props.

Activist veteran Perry O’Brien.

[Perry O’Brien]: “We were back at Trump Tower to tell Trump that veterans are not for sale and we will not be his political props for hate.

Donald Trump has said he doesn’t support the GI Bill, that he’s for privatizing the VA. I mean it’s a very long list of positions that he’s indicated support for or openness for that run counter to the way most veterans and folks in the military community feel. ”

O’Brien says he’s also seen first hand the disrespect Donald Trump has for dissent – a right veterans have fought and died for.

[Perry O’Brien]: “Having protested from inside at least one Trump rally and certainly seen footage and having lots of my veteran colleagues who have done the same, I think those rallies offer a pretty frightening picture of what a Donald Trump administration would look like in terms of accommodating dissent – creating a free and open democratic space for people to express their opinions.

Clearly that’s not a priority for Mr. Trump. And that’s one of the core principles that many of us joined with the understanding that we were going to be protecting and upholding.”

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