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Union Members Unite In Solidarity to Protect Good Jobs in Athens, OH

Union Members Unite In Solidarity To Protect Good Jobs In Athens, OH

Rarely does an Athens City Council meeting get as packed with concerned citizens as its meeting Tuesday evening.

The citizens – including current and former County Commissioners, a former state representative, and current candidates for City Council – attended to register their concerns about the city administration’s previously stated intent to award the city’s trash/recycling hauling contract to a new vendor.

However, that plan to award the contract was effectively cancelled after a realization that the bidding process had “failed,” city administrators said just prior to the public-comment period.

Even before the meeting started on the third floor of the Athens City Building, the room was filled to capacity, with people waiting in the hallway outside and watching a live-stream of the event, as well as over at The Pigskin Bar and Grille on North Court Street.

Roughly 50 people signed up to offer public comments on the trash/recycling contract.

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