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Trump’s broken promises on infrastructure

Trump’s Broken Promises On Infrastructure

From Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

Let’s get right to the point — President Trump has broken his promise to American steelworkers.

It’s not the first of Trump’s broken promises to American workers. The President is currently being sued by electricians who claim their business got stiffed by Trump for work they did on the new Trump hotel in Washington, D.C., continuing a pattern in Trump’s business history going back to the 1980s.

The President has said he wants to rebuild American infrastructure, but he has put forward no plan to do that. Working families shouldn’t be fooled. They should demand specifics — trust, but verify.

President Trump made a lot of promises to American workers. Whether they voted for him or not, working families deserve to know what Trump plans to do to deliver on these campaign promises. We need solutions, not more broken promises — sign our petition and demand answers.

It’s troubling to see the gap between the President’s rhetoric and his actions. Take China, for instance. It was one of Candidate Trump’s favorite targets, the symbol and the scapegoat for the loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs. There is some truth to that — I’ve been saying for years that China’s currency manipulation undercuts American workers.

But President Trump has had the opportunity to stand up to the Chinese, and he hasn’t done it. He says he’s in favor of “buy American, hire American,” but he breaks his promise on the Keystone pipeline and he asks for visas to hire foreign workers for his vineyard in Virginia.

Trump’s actions don’t match his words — and American workers can’t afford more broken promises. Tell Trump to show us his plan, before it’s too late.

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