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Statement by Ohio AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Petee Talley on ICE Raids in Ohio

Statement By Ohio AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Petee Talley On ICE Raids In Ohio

Petee Talley

Ohio AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Petee Talley released the following statement in response to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in the Ohio towns of Sandusky, Canton, Massillon and Salem.   

“In the face of multiple devastating worksite raids in less than a month, the Ohio AFL-CIO says enough is enough.  Worksite raids do nothing to raise wages and standards for working people in Ohio.  In fact, they create fear in our workplaces and communities, which actually makes us all less safe.
The labor movement rejects enforcement-only tactics like raids that punish working people and are part of a larger agenda to weaken our unions and lower our wages.  The right way to use immigration policy to improve working conditions is to give long-term members of our workforce and our unions a well-earned path to citizenship, not by creating terror in our worksites or expanding abusive guest worker programs.
We refuse to let the politicians or employers divide us.  Our answer is to stand united, as a politically independent movement of working people, for an immigration agenda that lifts people up, strengthens our communities, and ensures that we are all able work with dignity, regardless of where we were born.”


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