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Rob Portman is No Friend of Working People When It Comes To Trade

Rob Portman Is No Friend Of Working People When It Comes To Trade

The Ohio AFL-CIO today released a new web ad on the US Senate race in Ohio which documents Senator Rob Portman’s record on trade issues.  Entitled ‘Quarterback Sneak’, the ad shows Portman’s real record on trade matters despite his rhetoric on the campaign trail thus far.  The ad outlines Portman’s involvement in multiple bad trade deals that have sent Ohio jobs overseas and seizes on Rob Portman’s self-described role as the ‘quarterback’ in the passage of CAFTA while he was President George W. Bush’s trade representative.  This, in addition to the multiple similarly unfair trade deals that he supported while in Congress, show that Rob Portman’s rhetoric does not square with his record.

“Rob Portman is trying hard to run from his own record on trade because he knows it has cost Ohio countless jobs and brought little benefit,” said Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga.  “Ohio voters should consider Portman’s real record in this election and take his rhetoric with a grain of salt,” he said.  “His playbook has now called for a quarterback sneak, and we’re not going to let him get away with it,” Burga said.

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