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RIP John Glenn: A True American Hero

RIP John Glenn: A True American Hero

Today, our country lost a true hero and pioneer. With the passing of John Glenn, who was the first American to orbit the earth and last surviving member of the Mercury 7 mission, the working people of Ohio joins in  prayer for the Glenn family.

Mr. Glenn is more known for his impeccable military background and heroics in space, but he may have touched more people when he became Senator of Ohio from 1974-1999.

As Senator, Mr. Glenn was a true champion for Ohio’s working people. The Ohio AFL-CIO had the privilege of working with Senator Glenn on many issues affecting working families and improving public education.  Senator Glenn knew that investing in American jobs, American ingenuity and a quality public education for every child was the best path to lift up our middle class and those aspiring to get there. Mr. Glenn believed every American deserves a shot at the American Dream that he lived so honorably.

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