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Pope Francis: a Leader Supporting the Rights of Working People

Pope Francis: A Leader Supporting The Rights Of Working People

pope2Pope Francis is visiting the United States this week. His message is quite supportive of the rights of working people throughout the world.

Below are articles and videos of interest before his visit to Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA.

Pope’s visit will elevate discussion on income inequality and wages – People’s World
There is a lot of excitement in anticipation of Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States. Ever since Jorge Bergoglio became the head of the Catholic Church, he has brought the spotlight back to principles of reducing inequality, helping the poor, solidarity, and creating a more just economic system … more

Pope Francis Criticizes Economic Inequality in Mission Manifesto – Wall Street Journal
Pope Francis laid out his first major manifesto since becoming the head of the Catholic Church eight months ago, calling for the church to renew its focus on the poor and launching a salvo against global capitalism … more

Pope for the people galvanizes millennials – DelawareonLine
There is a different voice being heard from the Vatican the past couple years. Although Pope Francis hasn’t gone as far as changing church doctrine, his more lenient stances on issues like abortion, gay marriage and climate change have struck a chord that resonate with younger Catholics. Shortly after he became Pope, Francis told Vatican reporters … more

A Humble Pope, Challenging the World – New York Times
Days after the election of Pope Francis, word reached the Vatican press office that the new pontiff was unexpectedly celebrating morning Mass. Other popes had presided over morning services, too, but as the world (and the Vatican press office) would soon realize, Francis did things his own way … more

Pope Francis, labor movement’s best friend? – KESQ News
Pope Francis will visit America soon and become the first pontiff in history to address Congress. As we celebrate Labor Day, it’s worth paying close attention to a Pope who reminds us that honoring the dignity of work is a cornerstone for any just society … more

Congressional Democrats Pen Letter To Pope Francis – NewsBeat Social
In the letter, House Democrats urged the Pope to highlight income inequality during his U.S. visit later this month … more

The Pope Prays for Equal Pay Calls Income Inequality a Scandal – YouTube
On Wednesday Pope Francis gave his weekly address before a large crowd and said something remarkable: “Why is it taken for granted that women should earn less than men? No! They have the same rights.” … more

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