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Ohio AFL-CIO Legislative Newsletter Available: Fast Track of Trans-Pacific Partnership Not Over

After months of fighting back against the “Fast Track” of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Congressional Republicans were able to pull some last-minute legislative and political maneuvering to get the package passed by the narrowest of margins. The sheer volume of actions, phone calls, letters, e-mails, in district meetings, etc. from all over the country changed the debate surrounding this trade bill. Americans were again reminded of the detrimental effects such as job loss, lower wages, and job off-shoring caused by past trade deals such as NAFTA and that a new approach is needed.

Read the Ohio AFL-CIO Legislative Newsletter here

Ohio labor did its part in contacting U.S. House and Senate members to vote against giving the President fast track trade authority. In fact, Ohio labor set the pace in the volume of calls, events, in-person meetings and personal letters that were generated. The following is how the Ohio congressional delegation voted. Please be sure to thank the legislators that voted the correct way and against Fast Track and to express your displeasure with those that voted the wrong way.

Beatty, Fudge, Kaptur, Ryan, Jordan, Joyce, Senator Brown

Boehner, Chabot, Wenstrup, Latta, Johnson, Gibbs, Turner, Tiberi, Stivers, Renacci, Senator Portman

However, this debate is not over as the Trans Pacific Partnership is being drafted and will go to Congress for an up or down vote. Leaked documents from the secret negotiations show that some of the same problems with past unfair trade deals are being considered for this mega-trade deal. We need to use the momentum we have built over the last few months to demand that lawmakers use America’s economic might to fight for policies that raise wages and increase workers’ rights to a achieve the goal of global shared prosperity.

Read the Ohio AFL-CIO Legislative Newsletter here

We must remain committed to fighting for this just cause – the future of our jobs, the economy and the middle class depend on it. The state federation will keep you posted by text alerts, phone calls, social media and by visiting us on the website at

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