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OAPFF President/Ohio AFL-CIO Vice President Michael Taylor looks back on career with city fire department

OAPFF President/Ohio AFL-CIO Vice President Michael Taylor Looks Back On Career With City Fire Department

STEUBENVILLE — When Assistant Fire Chief Michael Taylor looks back on his 31 years in the Steubenville Fire Department, his ever-present smile gets a little wider.

And, when he retires from the department at the end of the month, it’s with satisfaction that he chose the right career, worked with a great group of people and will continue on as president of the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters.

The 1979 Steubenville High School graduate said, “I will seek re-election, but I do have a definitive timeline in mind. I don’t want to be 70 and still doing this, but I’d like to stick around for a couple of more terms if the members will keep me.”

Taylor remembers his first call, to a car fire on Reynolds Street, a small street off Ross Street. He remembers big calls, like the Creegan Co. fire on a bitterly cold night in December 2013. He talks a lot about the impact other firefighters had on his career and his life and the process of one generation of firefighters mentoring the next generation as part of what sets the fire service apart from other careers.

Taylor, who was the sound man for U.S. Kids when he was younger, joked that being a firefighter is kind of like being in a band — “You hang out with a bunch of guys, get scared once in awhile, and you work as a team.”

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