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Letter Carrier Puts It in The Mail: “I can’t believe Rob Portman supports Donald Trump”

Letter Carrier Puts It In The Mail: “I Can’t Believe Rob Portman Supports Donald Trump”

New mailer shows that Trump and Portman are thick as thieves on trade, tax cuts for the rich

Columbus, OH – The Ohio AFL-CIO released a new mailer that shows how Donald Trump and Rob Portman share a common policy agenda that will hurt working people in Ohio.  “I can’t believe Rob Portman supports Donald Trump,” the piece quotes Brenda Barton of Letter Carriers (NALC) Branch 78 as saying.  “I don’t think I can trust him anymore,” the piece reads.

The mailer notes that Portman supported both NAFTA and CAFTA and that Trump made millions by taking advantage of the cheap labor that NAFTA and CAFTA opened up. “While working families were struggling, they were reaping the rewards,” the piece reads.

On taxes, the mailer describes how Trump and Portman both want to keep giving tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires, which means “cuts to things like Social Security, infrastructure and education and higher taxes for the rest of us,” the piece points out.  Finally, the piece also explains how “Portman is all for privatizing Social Security, so his Wall Street friends can collect fees and put our retirement security at serious risk,” the piece reads.

The mailer is going to about 120,000 Ohio voters this week.

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