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This Labor Day, Let’s Celebrate All The Workers Across America

This Labor Day, working people in every corner of the country have good reason to be proud. Our movement is on the rise. We are marching and striking and organizing. We are refusing to accept business as usual.

For decades, corporations have rigged the economy to work for the few at the expense of the many. They have tried to destroy our unions. And too many of America’s leaders have done their bidding, waging an assault on our most fundamental freedoms.

But we have never looked to corporations or politicians to validate our movement. The rights of working people have always been won and sustained by our own desire and passion for change.

We have the power to create the fair economy and just society that we deserve. And that means making our voices heard loud and clear on the campaign trail and defeat corporate-backed politicians and fill the halls of power with genuine allies of working families.

As we celebrate Labor Day, take care to remind friends, family and co-workers how much is at stake this year—from our paychecks and benefits to our basic dignity on the job.

You have the ability to win hearts and minds and ensure that working people have a say in the future of our country by electing candidates who will create fundamental, lasting change for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

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