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Join Us In Stopping Prevailing Wage Attacks/Right To Work Is Wrong in Ohio

Join Us In Stopping Prevailing Wage Attacks/Right To Work Is Wrong In Ohio

C5st5Z6UYAAbh8mThis invitation to politicians bought-and-paid for by corporations who continue to rig the system against us should be enough to scare you. These fat cats want to sip bourbon and play poker while discussing the decimation of America’s middle class. They may like to gamble, but they should not be gambling away the wages and benefits we and our parents and grandparents fought for, and sometimes died for, in order for us to get a shot at the American Dream.

We urge you to join us at 4:30 this Friday March 3 at the New Riff Distillery, located at 24 Distillery Way, in Newport, Kentucky. We can’t let these extremists continue their assault on our unions and our wages and benefits in Ohio.

Please do everything you can to join us in sending a clear message to these corporate politicians that it’s time they listen to us, the voters, and not only those writing them big checks. After all, working people are not pushing these laws that rig the system against us, only billionaires and those politicians that care more about their political bank account than those they are supposed to serve.

For more information, please call Pete McClinden, Secretary/Treasurer of the Cincinnati Labor Council at (513) 421-1846 or Cherika Carter, Ohio AFL-CIO Area Field Coordinator here.

You can also download the flyer to share at your work site.

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