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Help Protect America’s Postal Service: Stop Four Ohio Centers From Closing

Help Protect America’s Postal Service: Stop Four Ohio Centers From Closing

treasureThis week, ‘My Mail, My Ohio’ announced a unified effort to stop the closure of four regional mail facilities in Ohio. These closures will slow mail delivery, negatively impact small businesses and non-profit organizations, and have a devastating effect on the Akron, Youngstown, Toledo and Dayton communities.

Myra Grubbs, spokesperson for the effort, made the following statement:

“Ohio is home to four processing centers in Ohio, out of 82 nationwide slated for closure this year.  Several Congressional Representatives from Ohio have co-sponsored legislation to protect our communities and keep these facilities open.”

“This is a bipartisan issue that is vital to the American economy and infrastructure. The United States Postal Service belongs to the citizens of this country. We’ve come together to work on behalf of our nation’s postal service, and on behalf of these communities.”

The coalition launched their website——earlier this week, which includes background information and contacts for elected officials

By closing mail sorting facilities, the standard of mail delivery in our communities will drop substantially. Unreliable and slow mail delivery will hurt everyone, from individuals to businesses.

But, you can help. Delayed Mail is recorded by the Postal Regulatory Commission each quarter and reported every year. Most people don’t even know they can report delayed mail.

We are depending on everyone to spread the word and educate everyone on how to report their delayed mail pieces. Click here and follow the directions below:


In the message box state information about the delayed mail piece or pieces, dates, location (where it was from and going to), that you’re near a plant scheduled for closure, and/or mail has been delayed more than 4 days due to service standard changes. Ask PRC to rescind the new service standards changes & stop closures. Click submit.

By reporting your delayed mail, you can raise awareness about this problem

Visit MyMailOhio Action Page to see what else you can do to help.

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