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GOP Think Tank in Dispatch Op-Ed: Gov. Kasich Failure If Doesn’t Pass “Right To Work”

GOP Think Tank In Dispatch Op-Ed: Gov. Kasich Failure If Doesn’t Pass “Right To Work”

John Kasich’s entire time in office occurred during the longest expansion in modern history. A little over a year from now, his tenure as Ohio’s governor will come to an end potentially at the same time a cyclical recession hits. How will Kasich use the next year to cement his legacy, especially as he continues to posture himself for another presidential run in 2020?

Kasich will have spent 3.5 years running for the presidency, with little to show except a primary win in his home state and the adulation of Democrats and the mainstream media. What could Kasich do to add to his legacy?

He could use the emergency-laws provision in Ohio’s Constitution to pass a right-to-work law. With supermajorities in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate, the legislature could pass a right-to-work law as an emergency measure. Critically, emergency laws are not subject to a “veto referendum.” That single act would do more to make Ohio competitive than everything else Kasich has done in the past seven years.

Read the full anti-union, anti-worker Op-Ed in the Dispatch by Matt Mayer, president of Opportunity Ohio, a conservative state policymaking think tank.


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