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Final Countdown to Stop TPP and Bad Trade Deals: Call Today

Final Countdown To Stop TPP And Bad Trade Deals: Call Today
Final Countdown to Stop TPP and Bad Trade Deals: Call Today

We’re in the home stretch to stop bad trade deals that lower our wages and ship our jobs overseas. But we need you to join us in taking action.

We’re flooding our representatives’ phones today asking them to vote “No” on all trade bills.

Call today: 1-855-712-8441. It’s easy and takes less than one minute.

We’ve written before on this site about the farce that is Walmart’s “U.S. manufacturing” initiative. Now, as Walmart prepares for its next U.S. manufacturing summit in Bentonville, Ark., the Journal of Commerce JOC) has released a new list of America’s top importers and you-know-who tops the list once again.

Walmart is #1 on the list by a long shot. With almost 50% more imports than the number two company on the list—Target—Walmart even managed to increase its imports from last year. In fact, Walmart’s imports have increased by more than 6% since last year. This is the largest single year increase in Walmart imports since 2005. By comparison, Target’s imports increased less than 2%.

This should be a little embarrassing for a company that has talked as much as it has about bringing manufacturing back to the United States. But, the Walmart public relations staff is used to having to do their best to explain away facts.

Not only does Fast Track encourage the passage of bad trade deals, but it also will tie the hands of members of Congress and prevent them from improving bad deals or telling the negotiators the deal won’t get a vote unless they go back to the drawing board. We deserve better than a policy that limits Congress to a simple up or down vote on trade deals that will affect working families everywhere.

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