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Extreme Republicans Have Hearing on Right To Work Is Wrong

Extreme Republicans Have Hearing On Right To Work Is Wrong

While we are looking forward to spending time with our loved ones this holiday season, Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives announced on November 24 they will hold a hearing onTuesday, Dec. 1 on Right To Work is Wrong (House Bill 377).

They thought they would catch us off guard, but sisters and brothers, they are dead wrong. We have spent the last two weeks fighting off the extreme attacks on unemployment benefits for working people (House Bill 374), and we will make sure they know next week they cannot slip HB 377, Right To Work Is Wrong, under the radar.

The best way to show Representative Tom Brinkman and the other extreme GOP members that co-sponsored this attack on workers that his Right To Work bill is wrong for Ohio is to call your legislator and let them know the people who get up and go to work every day to make this state a great place to live, work and raise a family don’t want another attack on worker rights.

We understand many of you could be with us on Tuesday as we filled the statehouse with working people, but please continue to check your email for updates on Right To Work is Wrong, the assault on unemployment benefits for working people, and other attacks on Ohio’s working families by extremists  in the state legislature. You can also text OHAFLCIO to 527463 to receive our text updates. Enter your email at the top f this page to receive email updates if you are not already.

Thank you to everyone who continues the fight for the working people of this great state and know that your State Federation is working hard to keep you informed and fighting back on any attacks to working families of Ohio.

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