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In 2016, the Ohio AFL-CIO Delegates adopted 17 resolutions. Each resolution was submitted by an affiliate organization and approved by the Resolution Committee of the Ohio AFL-CIO before being read on the floor and moved for adoption. All 24 resolutions were passed. Click on title of resolution for PDF download.

Resolution 1

In Memoriam: Submitted by Ohio AFL-CIO Executive Board

Resolution 2

Opposition to Voter Suppression: Submitted by TWU Ohio State Council

Resolution 3

Stand with Nabisco Workers & Protect American Jobs: Submitted by Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Local 19

Resolution 4

Public Transportation Funding: Submitted by Amalgamated Transit
Union Ohio Joint Conference Board

Resolution 5

Supporting the WAGE Act: Submitted by IAM & AW District Lodge

Resolution 6

Commitment To Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure: Submitted by Ohio State Building & Construction Trades Council

Resolution 8

Creating A Tax Structure That Works For All : Submitted by AFSCME Council 8

Resolution 9

Retirement Security For All : Submitted by Ohio Alliance For Retired Americans

Resolution 10

Unemployment Compensation: Opposing HB 394: Submitted by IBEW State Conference

Resolution 11

Retiree Health Care for UWUA Local 270: Submitted by UWUA Local270

Resolution 13

Opposing The Weakening Of Overtime Regulations : Submitted by United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1059

Resolution 14

Taking Action On The Promise Of The Every Student Succeeds Act: Submitted by Ohio Federation of Teachers

Resolution 15

Working People Unite For Justice: Submitted by AFSCME / Ohio Civil Service Employee Association

Resolution 16

Reining In Abusive Medical Billing Practices & Crippling Debt: Submitted by Ohio Nurses Association & Ohio Federation of Teachers

Resolution 17

Carbon Capture Technology: Submitted by United Mine Workers of America, AFL-CIO & Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO

These resolutions will be in effect until the 2018 Convention where new resolutions will be passed.

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