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Columbus Dispatch: AFL-CIO comes to Strickland’s aid amid defections to Portman

Columbus Dispatch: AFL-CIO Comes To Strickland’s Aid Amid Defections To Portman

By Randy Ludlow The Columbus Dispatch

With some unions defecting to Republican U.S. Sen Ron Portman, Ohio’s largest labor union and its allies pushed back this morning on behalf of Democrat Ted Strickland.

“Ted Strickland has been with us in Congress, as governor and as a private citizen,” said Tim Burga, president of the 600,000-member Ohio AFL-CIO. “His (union) support is wide and deep.”

Strickland, unlike Portman, has stood with working-class Ohioans on right to work, fair trade, improved wages and other issues that benefit the middle class, Burga said at a Downtown news conference.

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