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Cleveland’s finest hour was Donald Trump’s darkest: Brent Larkin

Cleveland’s Finest Hour Was Donald Trump’s Darkest: Brent Larkin

It was a fitting and frightening conclusion to one of the most chaotic and tumultuous conventions of the modern era.

Like everything else about the man, the Trump brand is a fraud. He brags about running a quality organization, but made an utter mess of a four-day gathering attended mostly by thousands of people who wish him well.

Let’s recap just a few of the many examples:

* “Lying Ted” told the truth, as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz laid bare in prime time the party’s irreparable wounds. Cruz’s non-endorsement speech sent delegates into a rage as they angrily booed him out of the arena.

Wonder how they would have reacted if Trump had cruelly dehumanized their wife and father?

* A beautiful speech written by and for Michelle Obama that somehow tumbled from the mouth of Melania Trump.

The genius candidate allowed the plagiarism controversy to linger nearly 40 hours before putting it to rest with an explanation that, as always, blamed someone else.

* A valued Trump adviser on veteran affairs and delegate from New Hampshire said Hillary Clinton “should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”

* Gov. John Kasich, bless his messianic heart, stood tall all week, keeping his promise to neither endorse Trump, nor set foot in Quicken Loans Arena.

Trump lackey Paul Manafort crawled out from under his rock long enough label Kasich an embarrassment to Ohio. We’ll see how that works out for him in November.

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